XCORE Y.M.I. Program Overview

Chicago streets are under attack, with growing violence reaching epidemic levels. The targets are young African American and Hispanic males who are the primary shooters as well as targets, dying at a rate that has bypass the death toll of soldiers in the war in Afghanistan. Our goal at XCORE YMI is to impact these young men (ages 8 to 18) by getting at the CORE of how they think, promoting change in mindset, self-control, purpose and mission.


Module 1 > Introduction

  • A Decade Of Male Violence
  • The Modern Jail System and you…

Module 2 > The Cause and Cure

  • Parents, Community,¬†Church & Police Neglects
  • Self Esteem and Self Worth Breakers
  • Rules of Engagement For A Positive Mindset

Module 3 > Defining Stars

  • Finding SUPER Man
  • Flipping The Power
  • Black Diamonds
  • Purpose, Promise, Process (Your PPP)

Module 4 > XCORE Process

  • The CORE To Excellent
  • Follow The Leader In You
  • XCORE Methods To Empowerment
  • XCORE Oath Ceremony

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