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“Long-term engagement is key in our quest in finding solutions to violence for Chicago youth.”

A Violence Solution For Chicago Youth

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Dream Factory Media Art Center will be a 12,500 sq. ft. incubator & training facility for youth and will act as one of many violence solutions we want to bring to Chicago’s Auburn/Gresham community. Youth will be trained in entrepreneurship in 4 specific areas; music, film & video, gaming and fashion (This is where most youth spend most of their time and resources). Our program would train youth in these industries and how to monetizes the products and services they created to generate income. To do this, we will use LIVE PPV (pay-per-view) streaming, internet marketing (web & social) and the massive mobile platform to market their products. We will also support this training with coaching in money management and lifestyle/motivational support classes.


Dream Factory Youth Training:

Music (Production & Engineer, Sound, Lighting, Stage)
Film/Video (Short Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Mini Series)
Gaming (Local/National/Int. Competition, Game Development)
Fashion (Modeling, Design, Runway Productions)


As entrepreneurs youth will receive training in content ownership and how to use technology such as social media to widen the exposure of their brand. The mobile platform (4.6 billion users worldwide) will be the hub of their business and act as the center piece for most of the marketing and sell of their digital produces.

Dream Factory Media Art Center training will be all year round, with a number of classes concentrated on building their skills in film production. This would give youth the opportunity to create their own projects and take part in the growing film industry here in Chicago.  Over the past several years Chicago has been home to television series Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Meds and the Fox series Empire, filmed in part at the second largest film studio in the country, CineSpace Chicago. Chicago has also been the host to several block buster films over several years, below is a list of major and indies productions filmed here within the last 5 years. For us to affectively create violence solutions to engage youth in our communities they must provide a means to satisfy their financial needs, this is what pull many to the streets and some to violent ends, Dream Factory Media Art Center can give them the opportunity to independents and a better future.

2015: Boss | Chiraq | Imperfections | Jim Shoo | Operator | Southside with You | Who Get’s the Dog?
2014: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Sinister 2 | Insurgent | Unexpected
2013: Divergent | Jupiter Ascending | Transformers 4
2012: Dhoom3 | Drinking Buddies | Johnson | Warren
2011: Altered | Broken & Beautiful | Directors | Just Like a Woman | Marching Banned | Melody & Old | Rose White | Roundabout American | Superman: Man of Steel

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