On December 2, 2017, I received a call from a friend who had just got a Christmas tree from a near by church in the neighbothood. He said to hurry there so I could get one for my daughers. I called a friend and we both took off there. When we arrived it was a small line gathering and a small crowd of men talking at the gate. As I was passing by I overheard the conversation and they were talking about their families, mainly their children. I was pulled into the conversation when I was asked a question about how spoiled the children of today are and how they take for granted what they have compared to us older generation grewing up.

The church back then played a big part in the way we are today, and that’s because they gave so much to the people and family was the main focus. Today a lot of churches are not as personal anymore and the mission of GIVING to “all our fellow men” has become lost in some places. But there are some that GIVE and give from the heart to everyone. On this day the Pastors of Englewood celebrated 25 years of serving the Englewood community by giving away FREE Christmas tree to the general public. They give not just to their church members or people they knew, but any and everyone who came their way. It felt like home, seeing young and old talking about good times and making new ones, all living in the moment.

The tree giveaway was hosted by Pastor Willard Payton of New Birth Church of God in Christ, located at 1500 W. 69th in Chicago. So put a mark on your calender for next year because you never know what blessings they will be giving away to all.

For more information on upcoming events at New Birth call (773) 350-5080.

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