In a interview with the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), multiplatinum artist and fellow Chicagoan, R. Kelly explained how he at age 14, was shoot in a bike robbery and how he feels the music industry could help tame Chicago street violence. He also said (indirectly) how the music industry as a whole could take more responsibility in this problem.

“Chicago Street Violence Cure Is Industry Responsibility”

My opinion is media could stop a lot of the violence across this country, if youth and young adults had a share in the profits create by their buying. They would do more counting than shooting. As end-users, they are consumed with trying to emulate the likes of their sport heroes by buying their high priced gear and wearing their $300 gym shoes. Or they’re buying track after track of their favorite artist trying to become the next music superstar. And let’s not leave out the fashion & gaming industry that eats at their pocket everytime there is a new t-shirt or game release.

These industries could at least offer incentives for buying their products or using their services as a way of giving back. And on occasion let the artist they love visit these violence areas, this may encourage some of these young people to want to do better.

So I says YES… I think the music industry could tame some of Chicago street violence and they should get involved at once.
Take a look at the R. Kelly video interview with the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) by going here. Then give your opinion and leave me a comment below.

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