PowerGames to eSports Industry

Urban Gaming Is The Bridge To eSports Industry

PowerGames Xtreme will be the catalyst for youth consumed with gaming. Instead of gaming as a past time, this platform will give them a bridge into the eSports industry. A gaming forum that is becoming the fastest growing spectator sport in the world with winning that have topped $10 million.

Here is an a news excerpt on eSports:
In 2015 it was reported to be over 200 million people worldwide watching competitive gaming. Demographically, major league gaming has reported 60% of viewers are between the ages of 18 and 34 years…

PowerGames Xtreme will give young gamers a chance to show their skills in team competition, creating partnerships to compete locally, nationally and even international for huge prizes and will also offer entrepreneurial opportunity into the gaming industry.

Full description of program coming soon.

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