“How to combat violence in America…”

Violence in America is part of our everyday life. You can guarantee to see some kind of violence everyday when you pick up the newspaper or turn on your television. In Chicago this violence most of the time converts to murder of young people, mostly African American or Hispanic males. We look for methods to combat this violence in America though programs that occupied youth for a moment, knowing this is not the cure. We put a lot on youth to control themselves, knowing it is the parents and community responsibility to help them grow up to be good and morally sound people. So what should we do about the violence in America? We need to adapt a different way of thinking and develop new principals in which to live by.

I’m alway reading and listening to motivational speakers to enhance my life and I came across some information about a man who helped revolutionize Japan. He is not from that country, but from right here in America. His name is Dr. Edwards Deming and he was born on October 14, 1900 in Sioux City, IA. He was commissioned to come to Japan in 1950 as a request from President Roosevelt. All of professor Deming’s 14 principles are philosophical, which means; relating or devoted to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.


Out of the 14 principals of Dr. Deming, I create my version from some of these principal I think cause greatly improve the lives of ordinary people.

  1. Create constance purpose in improving your life, with the aim at impacting
    others in the process.
  2. Adopt a new philosophy to think better, speak better and do better by taking responsibility of your life in what you say and do.
  3. Stop depending on others for your quality of life by eliminating the need for others to
    push you to your goal.
  4. End the practice of awarding people for relationship loyalty and trust.
  5. Try daily to improve yourself by outlining and challenging these areas you need to improve the most.
  6. Train your mind everyday on positive information that make you feel great.
  7. Drive out fear so you can break down barrier and overcome life obstacles.
  8. Institute a vigorous lifestyle change for self-improvement (change job or go on a diet).
  9. Find your purpose in life by helping to impact someone other than yourself.

These principals I think would help a lot of people to change their condition. It’s not where you live that define who you are or what you want to be. The same can be applied to how address violence. It could be as simple as how you think.


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