murder in Chicago

Murder in Chicago after a decade has reached a staggering 5,186 in total from 2003 to 2013. Making it one of the deadliest decades in history. This number has bypass the number of US forces who have lost their lives in Operation Enduring Freedom since its beginning. Chicago still leads the country in overall homicides, even through the murders for 2013 went down by 17%. So were do we go from here in 2014, what can we do to cure the violence of our city that is riddle with murders almost on a daily basis? With the majority of these deaths being young black and hispanic males, what can we put in place to redirect the anger to take another persons life?

The use of basketball has little or no effect of change, so we have to look at a variety of things that may interest them. One of my suggestion is media… And why, because most youth are consumed with it. Be it music, videos, or games, they can not get enough of it. Others and myself, have several programs that we are working on and we hope to have them ready by Spring of 2014. But there is so much more that all of us can do to save lives… Join The Conversation! Leave a comment or suggestion below.

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