What Will It Take To Save Them...

“Long-term engagement is key in our quest in finding solutions to violence for Chicago youth. These solutions must take in consideration their environment and conditions growing up.  Music, Film, Gaming and Fashion are a big part of their everyday life and can be a useful tool to engage and sustain them financially. To do this, we must reverse their position as spectators/consumers and make them creators and partners in these industries.”

Solutions To Violence Is On Us, Not Them!

Everyone knows about the violence plaguing Chicago streets and the thousands of lives its claimed up to now. This violence has divided neighbors living on the same block, against neighbors who have known each other for years. This separation has left our neighborhoods exposed to crime, violence & drugs. But what makes it more disturbing, is our children are exposed to these elements daily, even death. Back them, everyone watch over the community with a high level of respect to our elders and a duty for the safety of all our children. “Officer Friendly” was in our schools building relationships with youth that built respect for each other in the community. Today, we must take ownership of our neglect in doing so because these problems are jeopardizing the safety of our families. We must put a watchful eye on our village once again and reach out to youth that have fallen pray to street violence with love. We must rally our community & churches to make our young men and women “the priority” and STOP alienating them. And finally, we must meet with our police to discuss a more POSITIVE approach in dealing with our youth socially. The solutions to violence is something we all must be willing to sacrifice with our time and resources, “together”, to create more encouraging environments for youth to engage and for the better good of our whole community.

What Are We Waiting For, The Solutions Is In Our Reach NOW!

The solutions to violence for Chicago streets cannot be the typical program, which spends time with youth, engaging in systems that do not grow with their lives and their conditions. It must be programs that are exciting, engaging and fill the needs of young men and women growing from youth to adulthood. It will take more than harsh Chicago gun laws to change the tide of these violence streets. We must create programs to develop skills in industries they love and are engaged in most of the time. And also fill the void of maintaining their lives now and in the future, financially.

The Chicago Village Project is a youth advocate & community forum for collaboration in an effort to create programs as solutions to violence for Chicago youth. Join us by lending your voice, ideas or support by registering here.

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